No shit, Sherlock.

Oh hai, I was searching for that portfolio site full of pretty oekaki and pictures and funny stories… where did it go?

KABOOM. It took me seven years but now the hiatus is over. Say goodbye to the vintage old (you’ll be missed!) and welcome this new incarnation of my personal blog of doom and nonsense. I know you liked my pictures – and some of you even liked the site itself, with all those framesets and wiggly buttons… you know who you are – so rest assured: nothing is lost. You’ll get a fancy new portfolio in no time, and maybe even some of the old crap stuff… at least the part that’s salvageable.

Do I still draw oekaki? Unfortunately no, but I became a real (?) illustrator in the meantime, so yeah – I still draw stupid things. (At the moment I work as graphic & web designer, so if you need a hand with something, you know who to ask.)

And yes, Joel is still alive and kicking. The whole gang is, of course.